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TitleReport of Japanese Government to the IAEA ministerial conference on nuclear safety - The accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations -
Alternative title原子力安全に関するIAEA閣僚会議に対する日本国政府の報告書−東京電力福島原子力発電所の事故について− 平成23年6月7日
PublisherPrime Minister of Japan and his Cabinet
Issued date2011-06-07
Typeconference material
File FormatHTML
Taxonomy3-2 Accident management implementation
Taxonomy4. Emergency Preparedness and Response
Taxonomy2-1-1-6 Complex natural disasters
Taxonomy(Computer Assigned)3. Accident Management   2-1-1 Natural conditions   
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Upper page title東日本大震災への対応~首相官邸災害対策ページ~
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