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TitleApplicability examination for water stoppage using the photo-curable resin - Development of water stoppage technique by the improved photo-curable resin
Alternative title光硬化型樹脂の止水への適用性検討 - 改良型光硬化型樹脂による止水技術開発
AuthorShimada, Kozue(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorTomizuka, Chiaki(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorShibata, Takuya(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorOoka, Makoto(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorMaekawa, Yasunari(National Inst. for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)
AuthorAoyagi, Katsuhiro(National Inst. of Technology, Fukushima College)
AuthorShinoki, Masatoshi(National Inst. of Technology, Fukushima College)
AuthorKatagiri, Genichi(Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)
AuthorOzaki, Hiroshi(Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.)
AuthorKoyama, Shinichi(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Issued date2017-03-29
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy5-3-2 Liquid waste
Taxonomy5-5 Decommissioning
Taxonomy4-4-1-1 Limitation of radioactivity spread
Subject/Session_nameSession:Decommissioning Technology of Nuclear Facilities
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Meeting title2017 Annual Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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collect date(WARP)2017-12-24