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1.Hot Topic (Ranking)

Hot topic (ranking), appearing under the search box, enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (FNAA) by key-words which have been used as search terms by users frequently in the latest month.
FNAA extracts the key-words from its access-log (see privacy policy), and provides the top 10 key-words.
Each number next to the key-word indicates the number of searches in the latest month.

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2.List of Contents

List of contents, appearing both middle part of the top page and tabs, enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive by the content types (19 categories).

Content types are below

Type of content Description
Photo files of “jpeg etc.”, or webpages files in which photos or images are dominant
Video/movie files downloadable in “wmv, zip, etc.” formats, or webpages, files in which video/movie is dominant
Data not machine-readable, e.g., pdf format, including drawings of graphs, of images on maps etc.
Data/information encoded machine-readably according with defined data structure. e.g., lists, tables
Manuals, procedures, related material
Reports summarized in regular formats, e.g., accident investigation reports
Progress Report
Reports on situations, consequences of accidents, including its progression
Material summarizing contents (agenda/proceedings) of meetings for discussion, on research etc.
Conference materials
Meeting material of committees etc.
Webpages, files informing of meetings hold etc.
Presentation material at meetings etc.
Information on oral/poster presentations at meetings of scientific societies
Plans to implement decontamination, decommissioning, radiation monitoring etc.
Articles for the public
Regulatory guide
Literature of regulation guidelines, including law material
Hearing consequences from utilities, experts etc.
Bibliographic reference list
Database, etc.
Resources likely to require additional interactions, e.g., users’ own processing/performing
Contents which don’t match other categories
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3.List of collection

List of collection, appearing both middle part of the Top pages and tabs, enables you to browse FNAA by the collections.

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4.Reference Information

Reference information about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident provides the bibliographic information listed below;

  • JAEA Reports; List of JAEA reports related to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident.
  • JAEA Papers; List of articles by JAEA staff related to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident.
  • JAEA Oral Presentations; List of oral presentations by JAEA staff related to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident.
  • Related Bibliographies; List of bibliographies related to the reactor accidents in the past such as TMI and Chernobyl.
  • Related Links; List of links of the other institutions’ websites related to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Accident
  • Related Reports; List of reports by investigation committees, academic societies and foreign governments.
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Search Functions

Simple Search

The Simple Search box, appearing at the top-page, enables you to search FNAA easily. Simple search function provides the search results of the keywords that appear anywhere in the FNAA (e.g. title, author, subject).
When you enter the keyword, a drop-down list of suggested terms will appear below the search box.

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Cross Search

Cross-search functions, appearing at tabs, enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (FNAA) and other databases.
When you select the cross-search function, you can select the target databases below by clicking check box.

Bibliographic databases
Database for the R&D results by JAEA staff
(Operated by JAEA)
INIS Repository
Database for published information in the nuclear field
(Operated by IAEA)
Database for the collections in JAEA library
(Operated by JAEA)
Earthquake disaster related archives, databases
Portal site for the Great East Japan Earthquake
(Operated by National Diet Library of Japan)
Japan Disasters Digital Archive (JDA)
Advanced search engine for the archived materials about the disasters
(Operated by Harvard University)
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Advanced Search

Advanced Search enables you to search FNAA more precisely.
It makes possible to search by keywords in specific field (title, authors, etc.).
Each function is listed below;

Function Use
1. Subject (Taxonomy) Specify the subject categories from pull-down list
(About Taxonomy: See LIST OF TAXONOMY)
2. Registration period Specify range of period when the data was registered to FNAA
3. Type of data Specify the type of data from pull-down list
4. Number of displays elect the number of search results to be displayed per page from pull-down list
5. The order of display Select the order of display from pull-down list
(e. g. issued date, access count)
6. Search type Specify the data field to search
(About data field: See SEARCH RESULTS)
7. Pattern of matching Specify pattern of matching from pull-down list
(e. g. Partial match retrieval, etc.)
8. Boolean search Select the operators (AND, OR, NOT) to limit the search results
9. Issued date Specify the range of date when the data was published
10. Clear button Clear all condition you selected

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Search Results

Search results display the list of bibliographic information (metadata) including link to the full-text.
You can add the search conditions by clicking the REFINE RESULTS appeared at the left side of the results.
Related Database or websites which are operated by JAEA appear at the right side of the results.

When you select a record from the list of results, all metadata fields of the record are displayed.
The metadata fields listed are below;

Field name Description
Title Name of the resources
Alternative Title Title translated to the Japanese/English
Author Person who responsible for the resources
(for oral presentation information)
Creator Owner of the websites
(for Internet-based information)
Issued date Date of the publication
Language Language of the resources
Page Number of pages
File size (for Movie)
Type Type of the resources
File Format The file format of the resources
Taxonomy Subject categories of the resources
Subject/Session name Keywords of the resources assigned by JAEA
Session name Name of the Session of which the oral presentation was performed
Rights Copyright holder of the resources
(for oral presentation information)
Information source Link of the information resources
Meeting title Name of the meetings
(for oral presentation information)
Upper page title Name of the upper page (for Internet-based information)
Related content List of links related the resources displayed
URI Link of the detailed page
Collect date (WARP) Date that the resources were archived at NDL WARP
(Internet-based information)
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List of Taxonomy

List of taxonomy enables you to identify the structure of the classification at a glance.
Taxonomy (See CLASSIFICATION OF FNAA), hierarchically structured, is visualized as a tree map which provides information of the description of the subject, number of contents classified into the subject, and hierarchy of the classification.

List of Publisher

List of publisher enables you to browse the internet-based information by its creator.
The list shows the name of the institutions by which contents were published, with the number of the contents collected in FNAA.

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